English (Balinese dance company)

DwiBhumi (meaning: “two worlds”, referring to Bali and The Netherlands) is a Netherlands/Holland based Balinese dance (Indonesian dance) group that performs all over Europe.

If you would like to get more information about our Balinese dance performances (live gamelan music also possible!) or would like to book a performance, please write us at:

info@dwibhumi.nl or leave a message through our contact form.

Thanks to Marcel van Beek from Wild©ART Photography for many of the beautiful pictures on our website (www.wildcart.nl)!

dwibhumi balinese dance group company gamelan entertainment
Tableau de la troupe: dancers of Holland based Balinese dance company DwiBhumi and musicians of Mekar Swari perform together during a Balinese style party in the north of Holland (November 2014)

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